Keeping a Nizam’s Kathi Kabab is an exciting chance to be part of a new, fresh and fast growing idea.

Nizam’s Kathi Kabab takes together the synthesis of cultures through mixture of Fastfood, beveragers, & hygienic food ready in minutes.

The Nizam’s Kathi Kabab is a 100% turnkey model tried on increasing profit margins and complete ease of process for the franchisee.
We guide you completely about Location Selections, Lease Bargains, Contractor Selections, Permits and much more.

Nizam’s Kathi Kabab has been a highly stable business model during the times of uncertainty so much so that our first Restaurant was open since November 2021, and then we increase our business from 1 to 3 Restaurants


  1. We charge 5% Royalty Fees & 3% Advertisement Fees.
  2. In-House special marketing team
  3. Continuous revolution and adaptation to change.
  4. Guidance and expertise of searching members with years of experience all over the fields

Complete support in the following

  1. Location selections
  2. Lease negotiations
  3. Contractor selections
  4. Permits
  5. Design
  6. Ongoing business development

Nizam's Kathi Kabab SUPPORT

We offer experienced assistance from the time of inception and make sure that you have all the support you need to start a successful Kababs franchise. This includes:

  1. Training and Hiring
  2. Site choice, Asset Purchase assistance and lease negotiation
  3. Supply chain management from raw material to after sales services
  4. Marketing locating and brand awareness
  5. Advertising and promotions
  6. Study and development to create new, innovative and high ROI offerings
  7. Management and consultancy services such as maintenance in quality cost, judgement cost, prevention cost
  8. Purchasing and circulation assistance
  9. Expenses and quality control
  10. Look after of utilities, payment gateways, POS, security etc
  11. Food supplies and equipment sourcing